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Vir Waterfall (Butka Canyon)

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Vir Waterfall (Butka Canyon)

Vyr Waterfall and the old water mill are located in the town of Buki in the Mankiv district of Cherkasy region. The waterfall is of artificial origin and was formed on the river Tikich Mountain in 1927-1929 after the construction of the Butka HPP. It has a cascading shape, it is quite gentle and not high with a total height of more than 2 m, but at the same time has a strong flow of water. The picturesque Butky Canyon originates from the Vyr waterfall. According to the decision of the Cherkasy Regional Executive Committee of June 27, 1972 №367 the waterfall has the status of a hydrological monument of nature.

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Cherkasy region, Mankiv district, Buky township

49.0958613 | 30.3953226

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