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White Lotus Temple

The only buddhist temple in Ukraine and even in Europe.
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White Lotus Temple

The only buddhist temple in Ukraine and even in Europe.

Tourist pearl of Cherkasy one can call a Buddhist temple "White Lotus", which stands on the Dnieper hills. Built in the 1990's. It is the prototype of the famous Buddhist temple in Laos. There one studies ancient philosophy and martial arts master.

Before the shrine there is a white stupa, which is a symbol of feminine energy, the Universe and earth elements. On the territory there is alternative to White - Black Stupa (male energy), under which is located pyramid room with a stone of cosmic origin Ben-Ben, the top of which is directed downwards. It is said that a strong energy of the figure is able to charge people with positive energy and even heal. There are also two stone soldiers brought from Laos, which are over 7,000 years. On top of the building there stands 300-year old bell, its sound purifies the soul, they believe. In the archival documents they found that 7,000 years ago in Cherkasy lake - and then there was an island - there was already the temple (in the preparation of the foundation a stone was found, which shows Buddha wearing mask of a warrior). The temple is open to pilgrims and everyone: here interesting sightseeing tours of the church are held, teach correctly to read mantras, work with knives, teach the art of kung fu, force Thai boxing and have exquisite tea ceremonies and help to plunge into the quiet world of meditation .

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171 Shevchenko blv., Cherkasy

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